Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breach is clear, commence loading of ammunition

Hello, and welcome to my blog which may or may not get frequent updates. Essentially this is part vanity project, part whoring myself out for art jobs, and probably part therapy (I guess there go the art jobs!). Anyway, relax and enjoy.

First up, I thought I'd post the pictures from my last window display. This is currently up in the window at The Comic Outpost out on Ocean Ave. in San Francisco.

These little guys were hand drawn on 3/4" foamboard in the style of the comic book, cut out, painted with acrylic, and inked with a Sharpie marker. The hearts were done with window cling and acrylic paint. 

Currently I'm working on a new window display for another comic book related title. This title will be seen this fall as a tv series, and is probably the most anticipated series I've been looking forward to in a while. Hopefully I'll have that one done and up in the window by next weekend so I can share with you both the title and the artwork. So for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll see you again soon.

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