Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well Lookee What Finally Got Posted On Team Coco...

If you're a semi-regular reader of this blog, you probably saw the watercolor I did for Conan O'Brien's Flaming C contest last month. Well, I just received an email and a link that it was accepted and posted to the Team Coco website. Here's the link to it. 

So even though I didn't make the cut for the walls of the Coco Museum at Comic Con, I'm up on their website. Every little bit of self-promotion (ie. whoring) helps. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Again

I was at Comic Con down in San Diego all last week. Did some portfolio reviews, met a few people (industry and otherwise), and bought a lot of shit I probably didn't need and don't have any room for anyway. Once I get settled I'll post a few pics and maybe a video or two. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Is Up....Kind Of

UPDATE:  Looks like the link got taken down by WB. But the good news is that the official version will be out tomorrow with the last (thankfully) Hairy Pothead movie.

These guys at a French site have already posted the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Have a look.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Captain America Window Display Is Up

For the upcoming Captain America movie, I did another window display for my friends at The Comic Outpost. Here are the pics:

The Window Display

Cap and Skull Face Off


Red Skull


So there you have it. A fairly good representation of the comic book characters if I do say so myself. 

As usual, half inch foamboard hand cut, Gessoed, painted with acrylic paint and finished with Sharpie markers. Also, these guys are for sale as are all the cutouts I do for The Comic Outpost. Cap and Red Skull are $350 each or $600 for the pair. M.O.D.O.K. is quite a bit smaller so his price is $150. So if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, stop on by and take a look at the window displays and all the other cool stuff they have in the store.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comic Con Sunday Schedule is Up

Finally we come full circle to the Sunday lineup at Comic Con. Again, lots of good stuff to see. Once again, I'll be there all four days hawking my shirts and getting my portfolio ripped apart by the professionals. Maybe I'll see you there. 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Comic Con Saturday Schedule is Up

So here it is, Saturday's lineup. An interesting mix of people and genres this time up, plus Comic Con looks like they're showing the best of Hall H (in case you couldn't get in) later in the day. Very interesting.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Comic Con Friday Schedule is Up

Wow. Lots and lots of stuff and people to see on Friday. Sure, Thursday's schedule looked mostly dead, but Friday's is looking almost like a Saturday. Take a look for yourself here


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Comic Con Thursday Schedule is Up

Are you heading out to Comic Con this year? This year will mark my ninth time at Nerdapalooza. I've gone under the various passes of Attendee, Press, and Exhibitor. The only pass I have yet to go under is as a Professional. Which may or may not happen, but I digress. The guys that put on the Con have released the Thursday Schedule, and I have some really great news about a panel hitting early so the rest of us don't have to feel its lingering negative impact over the rest of the Con. I am taking about the shitfest known as The Twilight Saga, of course. 

A few years back, the Twilighters pretty much ruined the Con for the majority of people attending. Last year, the reason for the return of so many four day passes was due to the Twilighters not bothering to read (until the last minute) that Twilight wasn't making an appearance at the Con that year. This year, it looks like the organizers realized how dumb....excuse me, rabid the Twlighters are and managed to schedule the Twilight panel on the first day, at the beginning of the day (11:15 am) sparing the rest of us from having to suffer a repeat of the fiasco that happened a few years ago (essentially the Twilighters filled Hall H for the entire day (also called 'camping'), were rude to all the panels and guests that appeared during the day until the Twilight panel (which was the last panel of the day) came on). 

If I were the organizing type, I would actually try to call on all comic book fans attending Comic Con to fill Hall H that day just to block the Twilighters out. That is I would do that if I didn't already know that those crazies will be camping out overnight in line just to get inside. Seriously, no panel is worth that long of a wait. 

Anyway, I know this turned into an anti-Twilight rant (which let's face it, isn't that hard to start ranting about in the first place), but the schedule is up, along with Wednesday night's preview night. If you're going, stop on by the Comic Outpost booth and pick up my t-shirt design, or some comics, or some trade paperbacks or all of the above. And have fun while you're there.


Yes, people were actually walking around with these homemade signs a few years ago at Comic Con.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Avengers Will Be at Comic Con After All

A lot of the major studios (Sony, Disney, Marvel, etc.) said they weren't going to show at Comic Con a few months ago. Now there's word that Marvel was just joking and will be setting up a S.H.I.E.L.D. recruitment booth at the Con, and that the first teaser trailer for The Avengers will be debuted there as well. Not only that, but they are going to have an Avengers panel as well.

Well, duh. Studios are going to bail on the best free audience marketing survey device they've had in years? Of course not. They would be stupid to do so. Now whether or not they actually listen to what's being said about their panels (yeah, Warner Bros., I'm talking to you) remains to be another story entirely.