Monday, September 27, 2010

Fox animation saddened me tonight...

[WARNING: Spoilers may be contained in this posting.]

Why? Well first off the Simpsons was a Lisa episode, and everyone knows a Lisa episode is going to be a downer. Lisa Simpson is the Tina Yothers of animation. Who is Tina Yothers? Remember a little show called Family Ties back in the 80's? Yothers was the youngest of the Keaton clan (until they brought in a younger kid to boost sagging ratings). Every time the episode revolved around her character, it was boring and depressing.

Anyway, I digress. The Simpsons episode was about having your dreams crushed, and their most depressing central message was that being an artist was a worthless and wasteful profession. Wow, way to start the season on a happy note, assholes.

Then The Cleavland Show was (again) giving up on your dreams to take an average job to support your family and mid-life crisis. Only once you find fame and money you should dump the people that helped you along the way. Yeah, I get the joke as a cliche and a parody of fame and fortune in the music industry, but after following that Simpsons episode it seemed a tad depressing.

Family Guy was an hour long murder mystery. Simple enough. Maybe I was just being a bit too sensitive.....wait a minute..... It turns out the murderer had killed because they were getting fired from an entertainment job for being too old (40), and being dumped by their lover for the same reason.

Damn, Fox. This stuff is supposed to be entertainment and make you laugh. Especially for season premieres. Instead you have quite a number of depressing subject matters that would make anyone watching want to slit their wrists after downing a bottle of sleeping pills while lying in a bathtub of water before dropping a plugged-in major appliance into the water with you. I mean really, lighten up a little.

Thankfully I had the new Venture Bros. on my DVR to cleanse my palate. They won't let me down....damn. Really? The subplot is about Dr. Venture having yet another mid-life crisis, AND admitting (to Hank no less) that Hank was so much like him that he felt sorry for the boy. *Sigh*

At least Hunter and Brock had some good stripper jokes to tell. Heh. "Her tits looked like two suicide notes stuffed in a glitter bra."

Well, that's all I've got. Didn't get the window display done this weekend because I ran into a few problems. Hopefully it will be up next weekend as long as 24 hour comic book day doesn't get in my way.

Off to bed.

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