Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello Forced Perspective, My Old Frienemy

I promised in my last post to put up some new artwork, and I fell a little behind in that endeavor. I completed one of the two pieces I'm working on, but don't have it up in the window as of yet. That doesn't mean I'm going to skimp out on showing it to you....

There you have it. Batman from Batman Beyond. He's in a pose that has him jumping out at you, hence the forced perspective. Forced perspective pieces are not always my favorite things in the world to do (and some of my old art teachers would probably which I'd stop doing them), but not everything in this world had a flat, 2D look to it. 

This is why I sometimes I do pieces in this way, to get the practice and to work outside of my comfort zone a little. To push myself and my abilities so that maybe I can learn some new trick, or technique that I can add to my toolbox. Sometimes it comes out okay (like this time), and other times it may not and it looks a little goofy (which you can still pass off as art and say that you meant for it to look that way). The point is, that each time is, or should be, a learning experience no matter how many times you've attempted a technique, otherwise you're not challenging yourself or your audience. 

Anyway, I've babbled on long enough. Here's the picture again with a before (pencil sketches and blocked out with masking tape for painting) and after.

Oh, and as for the specifics of the piece...3/4" foamboard that was hand cut with a box cutter, primed with clear Gesso, painted with acrylic paint, and finished with Sharpie markers. Enjoy.