Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remakes: The Armpit of Moviemaking

After seeing that the remake of "Single White Female" (aka The Roommate) got the number one position in the box office this weekend with a paltry $15 million, I came up with better idea. Well, actually it was an idea that George Lucas had that I 'remade' into my own, but don't tell him that. 

Take popular movies of the past, add some CGI or extra footage to modernize (ie. bastardize) it, change some of the footage order to change up the plot a little, and then release it under a different but similar title. I figure that at most the cost for the CGI and reshuffling of footage would cost $2 million, so a whole shitload of money could be spent on marketing the movie to teenagers who haven't heard of anything original from less than 3 years ago. 

This way, Hollywood executive bottom-feeders that keep doing these total remakes would be whittled down (due to survival of the fittest), bad actors from tv shows like "One Tree Hill" would never be able to find work other than on bland soap operas, and music video directors would stay where they belong making bad faux-art commercials. This would also free up studio money to start making original films and taking a chance on stories that don't fit the typical Hollywood money-maker role. 

But that's just a thought. I could be wrong.

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