Monday, November 22, 2010

The Green Lantern Movie's Version of Parallax?

Well, it looks like this image below is more than likely what Parallax is going to look like in the movie. Too bad the rest of the movie looks horrible so far. Yeah, yeah, I get it, the movie hasn't been released yet and we've only gotten the teaser trailer stuff, but if you compare it to Iron Man when the Iron Man teaser came out...well, Green Lantern is severely lacking in quite a few departments. 

The teaser has a comedic tone rather than an action tone. This is what a lot of people (myself included) feared was going to happen when it was announced the Reynolds was going to be Hal Jordan. Jordan isn't a wise-cracking superhero. He's an older, washed-up test pilot that only has a job because his girlfriend's father owns an aviation company. Instead, it looks like the movie is going to try and portray him as a knock off of Maverick from "Top Gun" (please save all homoerotic allegories from Top Gun until the end of the rant). 

Parallax was something that wasn't brought to light in the comics until about 40 years into the Green Lantern run. Starting off with it almost makes me think that Warner Bros. may be trying to bring it's more current storylines (Blackest Night, etc.) to the screen sooner rather than later. Which would be a huge mistake. 

Anyway, I digress. Here's the image I promised earlier:

All righty then. There you have it. Hopefully I'm wrong about the movie, but I guess we'll all find out next summer.

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