Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Superman Costume Finally On Smallville?

Well, well, well....it looks like we might actually see Tom Welling in the ol' red and blues after all. If you haven't been watching Smallville for the past two seasons (trust me, you can be forgiven since the previous seasons really stunk bad), then you probably haven't seen the build up to Tom Welling becoming the Big Blue Boy Scout. The band handling Smallville these last two seasons have introduced us to the JSA, the Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Deathstroke, Supergirl, and a peek at Darkseid and all his little playmates. 

Now, the CW has just released a neat little teaser poster for the second part of season 10. The reason why the teaser is neat? Take a look at Clark's reflection under his feet. Tell me what you see. 

Yup, those are the red booties, blue tights, and a red cape you see there. Hopefully the season, and the series, goes out with a bang. Also, hopefully, they end it with some action. I know they have a small budget to work with, but here's to hoping they've saved a good majority of this season's budget for a finale that wows instead of disappoints. 

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