Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woman Sues Mall For Her Own Dumb-Assedy (or..Why I Will Always Have Job Security in the Safety Industry)

Stop me if you've heard this one before; a 49 year old woman is texting and walking in a fairly empty mall when she falls head first into the mall fountain. Here's the security video:

Now this lady wants to sue the mall (where she works, btw), because no one came to her aid. As you can clearly see in the two different angles the only person from the mall nearby is a janitor, and even he doesn't see Dumbass fall into the fountain because his back is turned. Also, you can see her lift her leg up as if to climb into the fountain before she trips and falls in. Meaning, that all this is her own fault.

You can't make out what she looks like from the grainy and blurred video, and her name wasn't known at the time of the video posting, so how can this be a personal attack on her? Frankly, this is the reason why the safety industry has a boon of jobs right now. People that are a danger to themselves and others, and who need to be protected from themselves and have others protected from them. 

I hope the judge for this case not only throws this case out of court, but fines this woman severely for wasting judicial resources and time with such a frivolous case. Furthermore, I hope cases like this require the party of such moronic actions to have to undergo psychological examination to ensure if said person should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle let alone walk unsupervised.  

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