Thursday, January 6, 2011

You're 49 Years Old and Decide to Get Your First Tattoo of....

.....Twilight characters. Not only that, but you decide that a small tattoo just won't do it for you. No no, you need  a tat that will cover your entire back. 

Wow. I know that us comic book geeks get weird tats, wear questionable items of clothing/costumes/bling/etc., and I know how dangerous it is to start throwing rocks while living in a glass house as well, but this is just Epic Fail on a grand scale. 

The comic book equivalent would be to get a full back tattoo of the Howard the Duck movie cast. Or, a full back tattoo of Jar Jar Binks and Manikin Skywalker from Episode I (see the movie "Fanboys" for reference). 

I'm just going to file this one under "YIKES!" and leave it at that.


  1. Your comments nailed it on the head. And your Howard the Duck reference was awesome. Yikes, it is. Just plain YIKES!


  2. - the Howard the Duck cast would be AWESOME!!!! This, however, is fail to the point that it almost wraps back around to awesome...but get trapped at "WTF? Really?"

  3. I also failed to mention the hint of ass crack showing that completes the picture and makes it perfect.

    And Miguel, you know if someone had gotten a Howard the Duck movie tat in the 1980's, that person never would have lived it down.