Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane in Snyder's "Superman"

Again, Warner Bros. has decided to release casting information about Zack Synder's stab at a Superman movie on a Sunday. This time around it looks like Amy Adams has won the role of Lois Lane. So we've got Henry Cavill as Supes, Diane Lane as Ma Kent, Kevin Costner as Pa Kent, and now Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

After having seen "Sucker Punch" earlier this week, I'm not holding out any hope for this version of Superman being anything other than eye candy without a cohesive story, well-written dialog, or any thought put into it (again, other than the pretty visuals for a few scenes). Plus, after having seen "Sucker Punch", I'm wondering if all the female leads in this version of Superman are going to be wearing skimpy clothing while being battered or held down by the men in the movie while Snyder tries to tell us how 'empowering' it's making those women to look and act that way. 

Anyway, enough ranting. 

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