Monday, March 7, 2011

Drug Addiction < Comic Book Addiction?

That appears to be the case in Colorado. Stop me if you heard this one; a meth dealer has $500,000 from selling meth, but instead of using it to buy clothes, cars, etc., the guy buys comic books. A little over 18,000 comic books to be exact. 

Lonna Gwinn, who says she used to sell Aaron’s meth, claims Aaron’s comic book obsession was so bad that she used to make cash exchanges inside comic books stores, at which point Aaron would turn around and use that cash to buy entire boxes of comics.

Now that's a serious problem. Not to mention that in this economy, comic books are a money losing investment unless you're buying Spider-Man #1, etc. Which it looked like he wasn't doing anyway. I guess that's meth-head logic for you. 

Who knew that meth was the gateway drug to comic books? Show of hands. 

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