Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thor Window Display Finished

If you read my blog, you probably saw the Thor artwork I finished for the window display that I posted here last week. Well, I finally got the second half of the window display finished and up in the window. Here he is, ladies and gents, I give you; Destroyer.

Destroyer without a flash

Destroyer with a flash

Same as Thor, 3/4" foamboard painted with acrylic paint and finshed with Sharpie markers. The cool thing about this one is that I actually made Destroyer bigger than Thor.

Everyone associates Thor with Loki, and while I could have gone that route as well, I wanted a different villain. Destroyer was definitely a challenge since the majority of those lines on the piece were put there by using masking tape before applying the silver paint. The white highlights for the shine from the armor I almost went overboard on. So I'm proud that I was able to reign myself in a bit. 

Here's a few of the window from across the street right before the sky opened up and dumped on the store.

Let me know what you think. Critiques are most welcome.

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