Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another (Half) Window Display Piece Done

With Wondercon coming up in two weeks, and the announcement of Marvel Comics return to it after a 10 year absence, and the first of the comic book movies coming out in May, Thor was a no-brainer for the window display. 

Thor Without a Flash

Thor With a Flash

Mind you, this is only half the window display. The other half still hasn't been painted as of this posting. Hopefully I'll be done with the other half either on Sunday or on Tuesday at the latest. And yes, I realize that the picture without the flash is brighter than the picture with the flash. That's just the way it worked out. 

On to some technical aspects...I used King Kirby as the reference for this one, since I'm really starting to become comfortable with his awkward poses (which I'm convinced he did on purpose). The right hand and the hammer (Moljinar) didn't come out like I wanted, but considering it wasn't too far off the mark I'm happy with it. I also tried out Sharpie's new paint pens, since the industrial pens were giving me headaches and nausea. Well...the paint pen kind of sucks. If you're trying to draw out a long line, paint comes pouring out along the applicator and pools onto your artwork. Never a good thing. Lucky for me, I had some other non-stinky Sharpies to use in its place. 

The semi-circular hammer arc was a bit on the difficult side too, given that the hammer is in forced perspective. But I'm happy with the result overall.  It has that movement I was looking for, and was a bit different from previous window displays. 

Finally, the specs...3/4" foamboard, acrylic paint, and marker. It stands about 2.5' tall and about 3' - 3.5' wide. 

Let me know what you think below in the comments section. Enjoy.

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